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Fighting anxiety with SYMBIOLINE

Some figures

  • In developed countries, anxiety affects more than 10% of the overall population.
  • Anxiety primarily affects women, especially women between 20 and 30 years of age. More than 70% of people who suffer from anxiety are women.
  • 7% of teenagers have already used medication against anxiety or nervousness.
  • 5% of children suffer from anxious pathologies.(national medical survey).
  • Average anxiety levels more than doubled from 1950 to 1990).

What is anxiety?

When you feel unwell deep inside, when you start worrying over everything, you cross the border between normal anxiety and pathological anxiety.

Anxiety is an alarm system which warns us that danger is threatening us - or is about to threaten us.
It is a normal emotion - sometimes, it can even be useful, as it prepares us to deal with dangerous or difficult situations. It forces us to act, and sees us through difficulties or trials.

Yet, when anxiety becomes irrational or excessive, when it does not go away, or when it becomes too intense, it can be described as a pathology. Health professionals call this pathology “GAD” (Generalized Anxiety Disorder). GAD affects our behavior, our thoughts, our feelings, our physical perceptions. It can seriously impact our everyday life.


SYMBIOLINE Personal Edition helps you combat anxiety

Anxiety can be cured. Several types of treatment can be used to fight it. Among them, relaxation techniques offer several advantages: they can be used by all patients, they are not aggressive, and they have no side effects.

SYMBIOLINE Personal Edition’s relaxation module brings you several relaxation exercises, such as breathing control, progressive muscular relaxation, focus on breathing, and landscape visualization.

SYMBIOLINE Personal Edition’s relaxation exercises bring you an immediate solution to anxiety. They will help you mitigate the symptoms of anxiety, improve your ability to adapt to it and to bring it under control.

Clinical studies have also shown that anxious disorders have an impact on heart rate variability . Panic attacks, for example, may be due to the fact that the autonomic nervous system suddenly loses its balance. Having lost its flexibility, it becomes unable to maintain appropriate anxiety levels and to adjust them when needed.

By learning to reach cardiac coherence with SYMBIOLINE Personal Edition, you will be able to deal with many health problems that are due to anxiety.