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E-learning: SYMBIOLINE Professional’s interactive tutorial

SYMBIOLINE Professional includes an interactive tutorial providing professional users with comprehensive information about the SYMBIOLINE technology. This tutorial offers professional users the opportunity to familiarize themselves with all the medical and psychological aspects of the SYMBIOLINE technology.

SYMBIOLINE Professional’s interactive tutorial guarantees that, prior to using our products, professional users have received appropriate training in terms of technological and pedagogical skills.


SYMBIOLINE Professional’s interactive tutorial was designed by Dr. Dominique SERVANT. It covers the following aspects :

  • A list of all SYMBIOLINE Professional’s applications
  • Understanding the mechanism of emotions
  • What is heart rate variability?
  • How is it possible to improve heart rate variability?
  • Exercises
  • Bibliography and scientific references (more than 50 clinical studies are cited)
  • Patient’s information sheet (to be printed out)