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Research and Development at Lille’s University Hospital

Our partnerships with French state-supported biomedical research teams

SYMBIOFI has chosen to develop its products in partnership with French state-supported biomedical research teams. SYMBIOFI’s state-of-the-art solutions and applications have been screened and approved by a scientific board exclusively composed of leading medical professionals.

SYMBIOFI’s products capitalize on clinical studies carried out by Lille’s University Hospital research teams, as well as on medical patents filed by these teams. SYMBIOFI thus guarantees that all its products meet the highest standards in terms of scientific quality and credibility.

By pursuing its collaborative strategy in partnership with leading health centers, research centers and universities, SYMBIOFI intends to bring to the market the best of French state-supported biomedical research, and, more particularly, innovative, research-validated solutions applied to behavioral healthcare.

SYMBIOFI’s scientific board

SYMBIOFI’s scientific board is tasked with independently reviewing technical novelties, providing technological support, and monitoring similar technologies available on the market.
The members of SYMBIOFI’s scientific board are leading experts in clinical research and biomedical technologies.