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Ethical guidelines

SYMBIOLINE Personal Edition has been designed to improve you physical and psychological well-being and your quality of life.

Healing oneself

SYMBIOLINE Personal Edition should be used in conjunction with a medical or a counselling program. SYMBIOLINE Personal Edition allows you to increase the impact of such programs by enabling you to practice cardiac coherence at home and on your own schedule. Its principal objective is empowering you to heal yourself.

However, users should be fully aware of the objectives and of the limitations of SYMBIOLINE Personal Edition. Indeed, the SYMBIOLINE technology has been designed to be deployed as part of multimodal treatments of stress and anxiety. It is primarily a supportive care tool.

Best results are obtained when a professional monitors your progress, and/or when you use SYMBIOLINE Personal Edition in conjunction with other techniques such as psychotherapies, stress management training, physiotherapeutic rehabilitation, relaxation, pharmacological treatments (if applicable), or other types of care.

Motivation and regular practice are key to achieving success.