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Bringing innovation to stress management

SYMBIOLINE Personal originates in research carried out by French state-supported biomedical research teams.
SYMBIOLINE Personal makes use of two techniques that were invented and patented by Lille’s University Hospital. These techniques allow to analyze and measure heart rate variability (HRV).

SYMBIOLINE breaks new ground in behavioral therapy

SYMBIOLINE was awarded the 2006 French Ministry of Research National Prize for Technological Innovation.

Recent research conducted by Lille CHRU teams has allowed to measure heart rate variability by using ultra-sensitive, miniaturized sensors and highly efficient software, and to convert heart reate variability into 3-D animations similar to the ones used in videogames.
An unmatched technological prowess, this is also a major breakthrough in behavioral medicine. In the coming years, several applications of this technology can be foreseen in the health industry, at the workplace, and in the field of athletic performance.