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The SYMBIOLINE pedagogical suitcase

Offer your customers a highly innovative service

The SYMBIOLINE pedagogical suitcase allows personal development consultants and coaches to offer their customers a highly innovative service.It is also a source of additional revenue.

Specially designed for continuing education professionals (i.e., for personal development consultants and coaches), the SYMBIOLINE pedagogical suitcase is a ready-to-use, off-the-shelf package comprising :

  • Full and free access to the SYMBIOLINE Professional technology.
  • For each person trained by professionals using SYMBIOLINE Professional, full access to the SYMBIOLINE Personal Edition technology.
  • A two-day training session (trainees will be indoctrinated into stress prevention and stress management through cardiac coherence).

    Consultants, coaches

    Please contact us to obtain further information about the SYMBIOLINE pedagogical suitcase and how to register for a two-day training session.