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A summary of SYMBIOLINE Professional’s main advantages

A technology developed in partnership with leading medical researchers

An non aggressive, bespoke method

  • Non-aggressive and without any side effects, SYMBIOLINE offers an interesting alternative to medicine abuse.
  • Easy to use and user-friendly, the method can be used by anyone.
  • SYMBIOLINE allows patients to heal themselves autonomously(self-help therapy).

A robust, fully integrated tool

  • SYMBIOLINE Professional is not just a biofeedback technology. It is a fully integrated tool comprising several modules: relaxation exercises, biofeedback-assisted cardiac coherence training, plus an interactive follow-up protocol.
  • SYMBIOLINE Professional’s 3-wire ECG sensor is more reliable, more robust and more accurate than traditional pulse sensors. It has specifically been designed for SYMBIOFI.

Patients learn cardiac coherence and have fun

  • SYMBIOLINE Professional’s exercises are based on real-time, immersive 3D animations, similar to videogames. SYMBIOLINE Professional’s visual animations meet the highest standards of quality, with fluid graphics, inventive and interesting scenarios. SYMBIOLINE Professional’s visual interface is highly interactive and user-friendly.
  • Healthcare professionals view 3D animations as an excellent means of enhancing subject compliance and motivation.

An efficiency that can be measured through precise benchmarks

  • SYMBIOLINE Professional provides users with a comprehensive statistical module , which includes all the tools that healthcare professionals need to ensure that the results obtained by participants in a SYMBIOLINE cardiac coherence program are fully and precisely monitored over time.
  • SYMBIOLINE Professional’s reports allow healthcare professionals to make the best decisions and to maximize the efficiency of the therapeutic programs they wish to implement.

High performance and modularity

  • SYMBIOLINE Professional is highly modular, and can be tailored to very specific needs (for example, a bespoke version of SYMBIOLINE Professional could be put together to meet the specific needs of people engaged in a high-risk occupation).

On-line interactivity

  • SYMBIOLINE Professional’s on-line interactivity allows users to download additional exercises for the cardiac coherence software program. Thus, SYMBIOLINE Professional is a highly versatile tool that can support a whole array of specifically targeted exercises, adapt to all kinds of therapeutic programs, and evolve over time.